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Online Clicker Course by Alexandra Kurland

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Online Clicker Course by Alexandra Kurland
« am: 11. September 2016, 19:01:59 »
I have just finished the online clicker course and I cannot believe how it has changed my attitude not only towards my horse but also towards myself, towards other people and towards my whole life. I started the course 2,5 years ago knowing nothing about clicker and positive reinforcement. I just knew that Parelli Natural Horsemanship hadn’t brought the expected results. It was obvious to me that Notka didn’t approved of this method any more. So I started the course as an experienced negative reinforcer, which had no problems with using the phase 4 or even 5.  You can imagine how startled I was when I heard for the first time I shouldn’t correct unwanted behavior and what’s more I should ignore it. But I chose this way and I decided to follow it, although it was very difficult to work with a horse that was used to be trained by negative reinforcement. Notka never offered any behavior and never looked for solutions. She just waited for my commands. Yes, for commands not for cues. It came much later. It was the first time I stuck to a training method in spite of all the difficulties. But I saw a small glimmer in Notka’s eyes I knew she would like to give it a try. It took a lot of time to go through the course as I wanted to learn every single detail and give Notka time to get used to this new way of teaching which was so unfamiliar for both of us. It was simply a loopy training for me and for her. We have learned the foundation lessons very thoroughly and now we can build up our further training on them. Now Notka offers me behaviors she has learned before or she is just inventing new ones. She is already 21 but it seems to me she was 5. She didn’t have any fun in her girlhood. And now she is back in her young years but this time she is happy and I am happy with her. Now she love every game we play but her favorite one is the first foundation lesson we learned during the course - following her target stick. Notka waits for me every day and greets me whining loudly when she hears my car coming. She runs to me from the pasture and leaves her friends for me. She is happy because she is going to play with me. All of it wouldn’t be possible without the online-course. When I look back on Notka before the course I am astonished how the course has changed her personality. She was stubborn and spooky horse that knew what she didn’t like. When she said no, it was an obvious no and I couldn’t do anything to change her opinion. Now she is a lovely horse that knows what she wants. We discuss all our ideas together and we always find a way to find a consensus. Of course she is very self-confident but so am I. But she is now much calmer and balanced physically and mentally. Now when I look back to the beginning of the course I see how far we have come and it astonishes me how easy and funny it has been. And what’s very important to me through the online course I met Alexandra, the greatest horse trainer in the world. Thanks Alex for the course and for changing my life!
So don’t hesitate and enroll for the online course! You won’t regret it!
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Re: Online Clicker Course by Alexandra Kurland
« Antwort #1 am: 11. September 2016, 19:10:03 »
Wie schön :jaso:  :cheer:
Alles kommt zu dem, der warten kann.
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