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Huf oben halten

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Re:Huf oben halten
« Antwort #30 am: 15. November 2011, 00:29:54 »
Clicker training hoof pick up

This is a video of about the halfway point of teaching the lesson pony Stowaway to pick up his hooves for cleaning. Initially he was very reluctant and had to be leaned on, clucked to, and the foot had to be physically lifted and held up. At the time of this video, he willingly lifts his feet when I merely reach for them (the hind feet I touch his hocks), but he still needs consistent work holding them up for a length of time (I can pick them fine but small children take a long time to pick out hooves!). Please note! The "double click" you hear early on in the video is an editing error that I couldn't fix...I only click once for each behavior and treat for each individual click.

ein sehr nettes video, wie ich finde.

A horse without spots is like the night without stars!
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